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Book Details:

Language: English, Author(s): Faraaz Kazi, Vivek Banerjee

Genre: Fiction/Horror

Publisher: Mahaveer, Publication Year – 2013

ISBN-13: 9789350880760 , ISBN-10: 9350880768

Binding: Paperback, Pages – 264


“The Other Side” is a thirteen course dinner where the paranormal dishes aren’t well cooked. Sometimes they turn too romantic/erotic or in most of the cases abrupt ends make them sour. Do I have a problem with romantic or other elements tailored in horror – yes I do when the elements are desperately infused to dominate the flavour while horror hormone should be the one that needs to be tickled. Horror tale mostly thrives on the beauty of it’s descriptions, to get the reader in the skin of the character and make them to live through the character’s fear – This novel doesn’t attain that .

Two things about the construct of the language – There seems to be desperate attempt probably by either the author or the publisher to randomly pick words and replace them by their less used variants. And there are innumerable examples of misplaced modifiers and adverbial usage , which is more harrowing (well, at times) to skim than the contextual horror.

I would go by a piece-by-piece rating of the stories as it would be unfair to brand them all-as-one.

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Image Courtesy: Google

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (TWOWS) is unadulterated scotch – Emotions projected or rather portrayed in their purest forms. No comments about the story as it is inspired by real, personally , I did like the story and the motion picture portrayal of it very fascinating and intriguing at the same time.

Fascinating as the series of events although being real and did happen to somebody’s life, was stranger than fiction . And intriguing, as Di Caprio and the host of actors did not at any moment make it feel as an enacted reality, it was real indeed – As if somebody had video-taped every moments of somebody’s life and the events happening around circling him, and then edited the ‘junk’ less high moments and left the ‘gist’ of high’s and low’s .

Fun, pain, patience , doing coke , hangover, sex, sleaze , piss, sinister proposal, arousal, rush, guilt, inspiration, foreplay, love, divorce, profit making, celebration , investigation – and the list is endless, each of this emotion/event  has been flashed on the silver screen without any inhibitions. I’m either  a hophead right now or indeed there was a dash of similarity between Alec Baldwin’s famous speech from Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) and Leo’s inspirational sales meeting speech in TWOWS – but, either way it brings out the same empathetic dog who plans to eat the other dog by his side.

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Image Courtesy: BlogAdda

Waking up late on an interview day is not the choicest of combinations one would fathom – but jumping off the bed on the second alarm is what I ended up doing today. Frenzy errands follow, breakfast skipped and a final check of the artefacts which I need to carry for the HR interview, slated this morning.

The car coughed up to start in this early wintry morning and in this hurried hullabaloo, I missed what my wife was screaming on top of her voice ,about something which I forgot – Nay, I didn’t forget anything .  Quick mental note while the engines fire up and dirt smeared tyres hit the road – resume, originals etc all in place. Suited, shirt neatly pressed, nice silk tie and an extra dash of perfume ; contact name suggests that the HR manager  is a lady – I’m all set .

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

To shake off the anxiety , I turn on the radio – focus my mind on the RJ quizzing some caller – Voila, the caller seems to share the same name as the HR lady – “I hate that unclean stubble. I mean it’s not that people sporting them are unclean in real, but such is the impression it portrays , seems he didn’t have time to take a bath. It’s a personal opinion of course”  . And so do 83% of the women who were surveyed , who think men with stubble haven’t taken a bath – points the RJ, post the call.

A few seconds later, my rear view mirror suggested what my wife probably was pointing as ‘missed’. Can’t miss this job basing on the 17% of the minority opinion . Screech to take a right turn, a board shouts ‘Men’s Saloon’ – I need my final preparation bit done.



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LG to Sixth

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Image Courtesy: BlogAdda

Office Elevator – Commuters stand with their back facing mirror wall .And somebody  had a good sense of humour, by chance if you fancy checking your hairdo , just look up, its mirror ceiling too.

Lower Ground – Two ladies, somewhere between good and average (it’s my story , so I take the liberty of judging them!) and a geek ,boarded the elevator from the hallowed floor – me bound for 6th, the top floor, two other glows read 4th and 5th.

The ladies are somewhat on the diagonal between the corner left nerd and me, at the right corner . I just looked up for a final check – to my astonishment , realized that the women weren’t exceptions and  the dudes too were into the same exercise. All apologetic about our unintentional coincidence , compromised the mug-shot moment .

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

Upper ground – I see a sudden shift in the positional co-ordinates of the ladies – Ouch, closer to me. Hundreds of tiny if-buts dots rushes through my mind to explain this sudden move. Is it pro-me or off-him, or  dull co-incidence?

First – The geek dude takes a step back to make place for a middle aged clean shaved neatly dressed man. The ladies immediately but slowly relocated to being  next to the new fellow commuter .The geek dude is now  diagonally opposite to the ladies. Loose fitting clothes ,sports a stubble and a look suggests he did realize the ladies repulsive response at his shifting movements.

Fifth – Both the man and the dude off.

Next minute while the elevator toils to climb to 6th – amid other whispers, just a single mumbled sentence lingered my mind  – “I hate that unclean stubble” . Quick scan, nay, I just did shave this morning, merry not to be blacklisted !

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It’s a girl” – Ideally it should be a proclamation of joy. Instead , in the current setup of the society, especially in India and China, it’s the three deadliest words in the world . Evan Grae Davis as a filmmaker , had spent more than two decades of life capturing the different humanitarian issues which had plagued and endangered the entire human species – his endeavor had taken him to the Aral sea in Africa & the killing fields of Cambodia . The Aral sea, which formerly was one of the four largest lakes in the world , had shrunk to 10% of its total size by 2007 ( the shrinking has been called ‘one of the planet’s worst environmental disasters’ ) and where once a prosperous fishing industry had thrived , now stands a dry desert – solely owing to Russia’s cold war. The killing fields of Cambodia is the place where probably one in the biggest history of genocide had been scripted. Evan had filmed and experienced it all , the pain and agony associated to the events and the places .

When he came down to India along with Shadowline Films team , he learnt and experienced something which pronounced a heart aching melancholy , probably more than Cambodia or Africa – Gendercide . As the presentation explains (You can watch the video here: ) – Genocide is the deliberate systematic destruction of an ethnic or religious group whereas Gendercide is deliberate systematic destruction of a gender group , usually female . While shrinking of Aral sea was caused by political and supranational issues and killings of Cambodia was a pure genocidal issue , Gendercide – is entirely societal .

Evan lists out few startling statistics – 200 million girls are ‘missing’ in the world today. The UN estimates some were never born , more were killed as an infant. In India over 5 million are aborted , the mortality of women is 75% , over 1 hundred thousand are killed every year for dowry reasons . In China – forced abortion and forced sterilization owing to the one child policy by the family planning police resulted in 37 million more men currently living than women.

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Chinese made British beauty throttled to silence,

The mechanic rises to feel the beautiful rays of sun wishing him;


After a brief hiatus of regular dilly-dallying amidst the household cacophony,

The regular mandatory chores of the morning start – its eight now.


Newspaper lay idly at the doorstep waiting to announce the world,

The mechanic picks it up hesitantly puffing stale air of high risers ;


Green tea and diet breakfast enforces the first rule,

Has to be a strict gap of an hour at least before treading the moving belt;


Numbness prevails for the next hour when flies relish on his idle wrist,

The mechanic fires up the engine to commute to the holy shrine of health;


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I am angry because I was born late, ’60s and ’70s were so much social and environment pollution free,

I am angry because my parents want grandchildren but I do not intend parent ship,

I am angry because my wife wants to spend more time with me but I crave my solitude,

I am angry because my car wants regular working hours but I make it to work overtime,

I am angry because my building society stipulates signing in post eleven but I hate access requests at that hour,

I am angry because my currency gets devaluated and my maid links it to the corruption in the country,

I am angry because that red car side tracked me one day but I had to reach on time to office,

I am angry because my office mandates bag scrutiny at the gate but I take it as an assault on my privacy,

I am angry because my project enforces periodic password changes but I tend to lose a lot of my unsaved work owing to this exercise,

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Image Courtesy: Flipkart

Image Courtesy: Flipkart

Book Details:

Language: English, Genre: Non-fiction/Finance

Publisher: Times Group Books, Publication Year – 2012

ISBN-13: 9789380942889, ISBN-10: 9380942889

Binding: Paperback, Pages – 176


Let’s talk about ‘Let’s Talk Money- Road to Riches Made Easy’ by Akhil Khanna. The author is an MBA from Sheffield , UK and since 2010 he has acted as a consultant to a number of HNIs .

Now , lets draw an analogy – say , you are a complete nerd when it comes to cooking but you aspire to become the next Matt Preston or Gordon Ramsey or Nigella Lawson or last but not the least, our very own Sanjeev Kapoor . You pick up a book whose blurb talks tons about metamorphosing you from a nerd cook to a dude of gastronomy .You burn midnight oil to cruise through the book cover-to-cover ,which takes you to a wonder ride of the starters , canapes , main courses and deserts , you get a contended rest-of-night sleep . Few days after this event , you try something by yourself , and to your despair realize that you aren’t sure what to Google so as to procure the recipes of the sauces you planned to mix-and-match . Saddened , you revisit your good cook-buddy and flip through its pages , metamorphosed nerd as you are right now , gaped to find that there weren’t any of such a thing , no domain specific words ( read : details of the sauces ) which might help to prepare one of those . Frustrated , you decide to write to the publisher , realizing just then that the blurb promised a ‘jargon’ free literature .

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Image Courtesy: Anirban Chakraborty

Image Courtesy: Anirban Chakraborty

Ye lens do lie , thou lens don’t 
Here come the clouds
Hasn’t done the splash yet
Me wonder if the drops will kiss my panes ;
Eavesdrops the breeze,whistles the clouds
Me sulk in my empty and dry life
Surprise me with little drops of life,
The rains crawl into my city foot printing on my pane
Affixed was my lens,called out cheers
Here you come my dear friend ,with those embellished jewels
Now when you splash ,my lens have frozen your first step;
Some lens do lie, but not mine this time !

*This amazing photograph is clicked by my childhood bud Anirban Chakraborty. He is a professional modern arts, bridal and wildlife photographer. More details about him can be found here.*


“Seek and ye shall find” – factoid today;

Felt him, as he glanceth through himself,

Grotesque – reminded him of last night.

Does sinful thought counteth to crime.

By order of law, no.

But then, his book of law..

Half night it was her, entangled with him

Next half, he was left barren.

Resorting to his stolen memories

Of work place muse scalping his psyche

He had lost his dividing line

Between beloved and beseeched

His lady and the ‘bella’; lay side by side,

His shadow looms over, eclipsing both.

One night had made him vulnerable

Harrowing him viciously,

Harbingering what he dreaded

His own judgement.

The infidel convict cheated pragmatic judge.