I am angry because I was born late, ’60s and ’70s were so much social and environment pollution free,

I am angry because my parents want grandchildren but I do not intend parent ship,

I am angry because my wife wants to spend more time with me but I crave my solitude,

I am angry because my car wants regular working hours but I make it to work overtime,

I am angry because my building society stipulates signing in post eleven but I hate access requests at that hour,

I am angry because my currency gets devaluated and my maid links it to the corruption in the country,

I am angry because that red car side tracked me one day but I had to reach on time to office,

I am angry because my office mandates bag scrutiny at the gate but I take it as an assault on my privacy,

I am angry because my project enforces periodic password changes but I tend to lose a lot of my unsaved work owing to this exercise,

I am angry because my boss think I am underperforming but I think just few black and white parameters fail to capture the capabilities of my grey cells,

I am angry because my organisation fails to provide me incentives every year but I think they stress more on shareholders value,

I am angry because my colleagues are becoming glorified clerks with every passing day,

I am angry because my next cubicle mate who has a six figure monthly take home thinks Karl and Marx are two different people,

I am angry because my dear project mate is counting life by the number of his pending EMIs,

I am angry because an entire generation’s popularity meter is the number of e-friends on social networking sites,

I am angry because the stupid girl with deep necklines gets more attention in office than her next plump neighbour who has paintings on her cubicle walls,

I am angry because stale cold air flowing in my cubicle from the vent of that machine giving me a sense that I’m in a morgue.

I am angry because the sun light has to compete with the neon white light in my cubicle lighting my face white like a corpse,

I am angry because tons of access restricted doors records my every footstep, reminding me of a panopticon,

I am angry because since my freshman days I have been left fighting with those tiger clawed clients while my management sits and drinks in the pantheon relishing the slave fight,

I am angry because all of last years highest grosser in the motion picture industry have been the gross unwatchable ones,

I am angry because my countrymen watch horrendous rape news on television, tweet, post and then rape their unwilling wives every night,

I am angry because my government cares most about minority than the whole , may it be caste, creed, religion, incidents or interests,

I am angry because popular opinion is to judge a doctor by his last name when seeking medical help,

I am angry because these days I see statehood being held higher than countryhood,

I am angry because my country and its citizens have started judging political party more on their advertisements than their ideologies,

I am angry because modern society and its dwellers are sacrificing themselves at the altar of consumerism,

I am angry because deep rooted values and convictions which form the core of any civilized society are at their rotten best,

I am angry because I am feeling breathless, exhausted now, maggots feasting on the remains of my broken putrefied soul,

…….I am angry because I am not being myself,

because I am just being another brick in the wall.


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