We gushed through the narrow alleys with all vigour,

Blood in my veins seems to be racing hard,,

We have to reach the toil station in a jiffy,

All the red, the heart could pump, striving hard,,

We meet all our allies on the way, pass by waving at them,

Louder goes the beat, sweat egresses,,

We have been diverted – to a new station,

A flash, visual- her soft naked body,,

We try our best faculties, just a small tissue though,

Just not our silhouettes, soul do agree in mutual conjugation,,

We squeeze in, constricted yet straight goes the road,

Closer comes she, the gap smooth out,,

We celebrate the freedom, freedom of idleness,

It feels us, it feels oneness, it feels eternity,,

We rejoice the vitality of freedom, the freedom of peace,

The earth looks deeper, the sweat spells manna,,

We recall, them who were made to fall from high, to get peace to all,

We prayed all life to lie at peace, the end is peace bereft of all lies,,

We perceive mis-directions, perplexed sounds in the red,

Open my shut eyes, light shines, she decays in the dark frame,,

We climb, we climb the lofty high, edgier than last,

Moment, she was mine, the next, she is gone,,

We reach,pull in, dilating the tiny threads,

Its just me now. And the tiny drops rolling down,,

In peace, in and out, in the end.


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