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The Table

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It’s a rainy Mumbai night, a consistent stubborn downpour since the last three-four hours had left the streets water logged, not a very rare situation in the city though. But it was compounded by the infrequent power cut – the road lights are dimmed and the streets are looking like a black hole ready to engulf all the busy-ness of the city. A perfect night to be in house enjoying a Gin-tonic or Malt but no glory in jostling across the crowd trying luck amidst already thinning transport.

He was quite late at work, albeit in the late shift these days. The end-of-day settlement batch job had stretched its limits way past the midnight hour, the perks of a heavy trading day in the market. Joe – that’s what colleagues and client call him, an anglicised and ‘easy’ short of Joyshonkar, which he assumes to be too obnoxious a name to be called out at a party. Joe, looking at his watch whilst hastily collecting stuff in his cubicle, fathomed that there might be a very thin chance to procure a seat at the all-night bar close to Dadar station.