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Posted: February 3, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Most of the things don’t matter to me,
Well almost all of it does not matter. Anymore.
Bother the sound of the morning chirp
To the rants of the roadside urchin
Billowing smoke off the street vendor’s dungcake
government sells that smoke to buy world bank loan
It’s the street vendor’s clueless desperate hungry take on bio-friendliness
He roasts the beef, fired by the holy cash cow’s dung
He sells them to the parties where scotch is being served
To spice up the discussion of the fuel shortage
He serves the smoke and the smoked, to buy us bio-deal
I have graduated to whip my mind off them
Most of the things don’t matter to me,
Well, almost all of it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

For me, as you know me..
There stands the Wall, symbol of steadyness, unbecoming, sturdy nature.
The street border wall serves us a stench
A stench of human excreta lying side by side with educated animals’
Imported Alcohol served with ice or cheap country liquor
Served with pain and unholy hopelessness of the multitude
The stench, and the skid marks on the commode called city, is indistinguishable
Alas the flush does not work any more, of
the public toilets build out of corporate social responsibility, is overflowing
With social welfare budget and politics free water, commuters cross the river
Of swarm, stench and bio-degradable excreta and urine, with muted breath,
mindless expletives and prayer to the devil, for a change.
for me, as you know me well by now,
Things like these, almost of of it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

As a matter of fact, I do not wish to die,
Death is for mortals, who were born, had birthdays,
Lived their life and would end it someday.
As matter of fact, I’m the onlooker who is standing just next to you,
Smiling to see you live, through the stark dark alleys of the city,
In broad daylight, soaking in the smell of hell, walking dead,
And reminding yourself, I’m fine, it doesn’t matter to me anymore.