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Late Friday evening was when the news arrived, well, the news called, to be correct. It was a busy weekend evening for me as I was shopping for most of the stuff needed for a party next day. Nothing exotic, nor that the guests were somebody I had to mandatorily  impress to get my next hike or promotion; instead, they were my three best friends, whom I get to meet less often these days, all thanks to our busy city lives. Tomorrow, I called them for a small treat. I know them since the start of our Hyderabad stint, just more than 3 years or so; I reckon we( that’s me and my wife),   have met two of them in DD’s party, that’s the third guy. Those days he worked with me, so more of a colleague, but that birthday party of his was where we had met two of his room partners, Comrade and Tree. Strange names one might wonder, but those were coined by me on general consensus of course – DD, is a short stature dude, so we decided to shorten and lighten up his archaic and longish first name; The second dude had a very sharp mind and most of his thoughts were quite revolutionary and sometimes very provoking, hence Comrade. Tree worked in crop genetics and had this nature of agreeing to almost every ideas and adventures of ours, hence the ‘Shade of life’ Tree. So socializing with these nice blokes for sometime now, and we are the best of buds, ‘the wolf pack’ now! And on Saturday was when the wolves would party after a hiatus, and just 24 hours of before this fun time begins, Mr.News arrives.