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This dates back to the winter of 2004; the leaves have worn off the trees although the dust of the road get blissfully covered up by the loitering homeless petals. It was December when I managed to squeeze out ten days off my scheduled life in Bangalore and managed to break free at my parents’ place in Kolkata – Home sweet home after a year and a half approximately.

Although quite busy but my days in Bangalore weren’t too rosy. I graduated in the summer of 2004, post a long haul celebratory stint of four years of computer engineering, but some miscalculated steps landed me without a job during the college campus – Hence, call centre beckons ( those days the most frequented job option for graduates in engineering in Bangalore was call centre jobs, not easy or big money but good enough to stay free from Dad’s Bank drafts!) Along with the erratic schedule of call centre job, I busted with a nagging not-so-supportive and demanding (both in terms of money, time and avant-garde 24/7 emotional support) girlfriend and a super hectic management entrance preparation – Bell the CAT, as we called it. Net takeaway – I had no idea where was I headed. And then cometh Ani!



It’s a girl” – Ideally it should be a proclamation of joy. Instead , in the current setup of the society, especially in India and China, it’s the three deadliest words in the world . Evan Grae Davis as a filmmaker , had spent more than two decades of life capturing the different humanitarian issues which had plagued and endangered the entire human species – his endeavor had taken him to the Aral sea in Africa & the killing fields of Cambodia . The Aral sea, which formerly was one of the four largest lakes in the world , had shrunk to 10% of its total size by 2007 ( the shrinking has been called ‘one of the planet’s worst environmental disasters’ ) and where once a prosperous fishing industry had thrived , now stands a dry desert – solely owing to Russia’s cold war. The killing fields of Cambodia is the place where probably one in the biggest history of genocide had been scripted. Evan had filmed and experienced it all , the pain and agony associated to the events and the places .

When he came down to India along with Shadowline Films team , he learnt and experienced something which pronounced a heart aching melancholy , probably more than Cambodia or Africa – Gendercide . As the presentation explains (You can watch the video here: ) – Genocide is the deliberate systematic destruction of an ethnic or religious group whereas Gendercide is deliberate systematic destruction of a gender group , usually female . While shrinking of Aral sea was caused by political and supranational issues and killings of Cambodia was a pure genocidal issue , Gendercide – is entirely societal .

Evan lists out few startling statistics – 200 million girls are ‘missing’ in the world today. The UN estimates some were never born , more were killed as an infant. In India over 5 million are aborted , the mortality of women is 75% , over 1 hundred thousand are killed every year for dowry reasons . In China – forced abortion and forced sterilization owing to the one child policy by the family planning police resulted in 37 million more men currently living than women.