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Psalm 40:1 -“I waited patiently for the LORD, he turned to me and heard my cry.”

Twigs, once old, long for the gusty winds

Age darkens their skin, green lust drops off

Vigor bids them farewell, leaf changes shelf

Food of light seems too harsh,

Droplets of water seem heavy

Urges chirping birds not to perch

Twig beckons heaviness to depart this life

Patience is not a virtue always.


Tarnished woman, waits for societal brickbat

Her unborn child famished in the womb

She breathes slow, with a heart to pour out

Yet the thin air that makes to her lungs

Does not reason out to stop mingling

It plays her filthy self, condensing inside

As she tries hard, alas, to strangle the flow

But the air is patient and longing for her to live.


Seed, rotten, wishes to be flushed off

Power of procreation is retarded in him

Death at the core encrusted with sober covering

Somber seed prays life for fellow seedlings

Life covers doom like shiny epitaph on a grave

The writing is clear and crisp

With broken yolk, sojourn would be horrendous

Patience, why? Seed would not live to live the moment of life.


I, at life’s mid, long for the end.

Am I being patient with myself?

Want to lurch the bevy of happy folks

Believe there are good times in life

Drink to the honeyed moments of youth

Weather the topsy-turvy doldrums of time

Someday when it comes, would egress out of darkness

Let my patience be patient, would be virtuous at the end.

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (TWOWS) is unadulterated scotch – Emotions projected or rather portrayed in their purest forms. No comments about the story as it is inspired by real, personally , I did like the story and the motion picture portrayal of it very fascinating and intriguing at the same time.

Fascinating as the series of events although being real and did happen to somebody’s life, was stranger than fiction . And intriguing, as Di Caprio and the host of actors did not at any moment make it feel as an enacted reality, it was real indeed – As if somebody had video-taped every moments of somebody’s life and the events happening around circling him, and then edited the ‘junk’ less high moments and left the ‘gist’ of high’s and low’s .

Fun, pain, patience , doing coke , hangover, sex, sleaze , piss, sinister proposal, arousal, rush, guilt, inspiration, foreplay, love, divorce, profit making, celebration , investigation – and the list is endless, each of this emotion/event  has been flashed on the silver screen without any inhibitions. I’m either  a hophead right now or indeed there was a dash of similarity between Alec Baldwin’s famous speech from Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) and Leo’s inspirational sales meeting speech in TWOWS – but, either way it brings out the same empathetic dog who plans to eat the other dog by his side.


তোমায় নিয়ে আবার আমি ভাবতে চাই।
    তোমার প্রেমে আবার আমি ডুবতে চাই।।
তোমার পাশে আবার আমি বসতে চাই।
    বাসে উঠে তোমার টিকিট আমি কাটতে চাই।।
খোলা খাতায় আবার তোমার নাম লিখতে চাই।
    রাগে রোষে আবার সে নাম কাটতে চাই।।
তোমার স্টপের ধুলো আমি মাখতে চাই।
    অপেক্ষার সিগারেট, আমি টানতে চাই।।
রেগে থাকা তোমার মুখটা দেখতে চাই।
    রাঙা ঠোঁটের আড়ষ্টতা জানতে চাই।।
তোমার ধরা ছাতার বাঁটকে বকতে চাই।
    ঈর্ষার আলোয় তোমার কাঁধে আমি ঘুরতে চাই।।
তোমার পাশে বসে আবার কাঁদতে চাই।
    গায়ের কাঁটা তোমার, তাতে বিঁধতে চাই।।